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Telephone Wiring

The telephone wiring within your home or business may be leading to a bad connection.


Do you hear crackling or have dropouts when on a call? 


Your cabling may be to blame, we are specialists at telephone cabling repair and can provide solutions to improve your connection. Poor wiring and junction boxes can be the cause of many phone and broadband issues.


A common problem is when cables have been run under carpets, particularly across door-ways, over time the cable becomes compressed resulting in the insulation breaking down causing your phone line to short.


Dampness getting into a telephone socket or junction box can cause the connections to corrode resulting either in noise on the line or no service at all.


Another issue is when white internal grade cable has been used externally, over a period of time the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause the insulation to break down allowing rain into the cable resulting in corrosion and shorting.


Our local engineers will fault find and look to see if any cabling, junction boxes or sockets may need an upgrade or replacement.


Our skilled and experienced engineers can provide you with a fully qualified and personal service to improve and fix your telephone connection needs. Our service is available to customers of all service providers including BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

We offer the following services:

  • Installation of additional telephone sockets within the house or office
  • Relocating existing telephone sockets
  • Repairing existing sockets & locating internal wiring faults
  • Noisy or crackling line problem
  • Tracing where your master socket is, in order to isolate your wiring
  • Upgrading internal or external telephone cabling
  • Alterations to existing telephone wiring
  • Removal of redundant telephone cabling
  • Rerouting telephone cabling in order to accommodate new doors/windows
  • Rectifying ADSL Broadband connection and speed problems
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