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Why You Need To Record Your Calls


More Reasons, More Features, Lower Costs & Secure!


The days of Call Recording being expensive to implement, equipment intensive & difficult to justify are long gone. As pioneers in delivering low cost, easy to implement, feature rich solutions, Intelligent Recording are pretty sure that when you discover this range of products, services & pricing you will be asking yourself:

‘Why shouldn’t I record every call?’.

Five reasons you may wish to Record & Monitor Phone Calls:

  • Stop lost calls and lost business opportunities
  • Improve customer service & increase sales through best practice
  • Record transactions of value, reduce disputes & refunds
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Increase security & avoid abuse

Call Tracker – 2, 4 or 8 Line Analog Recorder


Call Tracker is a complete stand-alone call recording solution, no host PC is required and installation is quick and simple. Call Tracker connects directly to your phone lines and records all of your calls onto its built-in memory. Compatible with Analog phones/lines or with a PBX, every call detail is recorded.


By connecting Call Tracker to your data network/Internet you unleash powerful integration, reporting alerting and management features attributed with call recorders costing many, many times more.


These features include SMDR integration with popular phone systems for full extension side reporting, web based reporting, management and secure cloud based call storage and that’s just the start. The video on the right shows the Call Tracker Manager interface used to listen to and review calls.


The Call Tracker comes with an 8GB SD card for call storage, which will store approximately 560 hours of calls. The SD card can be expanded up to 64GB which will store approximately 4,500 hours worth of calls. Calls can also be exported to a shared or network location to save calls for longer storage. Call Tracker comes complete with Tracker Manager software to allow management from anywhere on your LAN/Network and can be accessed remotely using port forwarding on your router.

Call Tracker 2
Caller Tracker 2

Call Tracker Plus – Up To 32 Lines


Call Tracker Plus is a larger rack mounted version of the Call Tracker 2/4/8. Able to record up to 32 lines, Call Tracker Plus can be used at a single location or it can be part of a larger centrally managed Multi-Site application. The Call Tracker Plus is expandable from 8 to 16, 24 or 32 lines capacity and can be set to record a combination of lines, analog extensions, or radio channels.


With it’s fully PBX compatible SMDI integration and connection to your network/Internet, Call Tracker Plus delivers superb Web Services including daily, weekly & monthly reports by email, real time monitoring, secure cloud storage, detail & graphical reports, staff training & grading and performance and maintenance alerts.

With 1Tb of built-in call recording memory, Call Tracker plus really is a powerful call recorder that will store up to 70,000 hours of calls for larger installations up to 32 lines. The robust rack mounted unit allows easy secure installation. Call Tracker Plus comes complete with Tracker Manager software to search, replay and report anywhere on your Network/LAN.

Call Tracker Plus
Call Tracker Plus

BackOffice Digital 4/16 Extension Recorder


Back-Office Digital 04/16 is a stackable 4 or 16 line recorder for Extension Side connectivity to a wide range of Digital PBX (Phone systems). Located centrally next to your phone system and compatible with most of the established phone system manufacturers, BackOffice Digital can record full extension activity.

Features include:


  • Records all calls automatically
  • Ability to Pause Recording while taking sensitive information
  • Store Date, Time, Duraltion, Caller ID, Dialed Digits
  • Store and Backup on central PC or anywhere on your network
  • Works seamlessly with Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software
  • Mix and match Digital, Analog, IP and Digital (ISDN) Lines
NEC 4-Port CallLog
NEC 16 Port Digital Call Logging Unit

Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software

Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software is included with the Digital Station Side recorders and PRI Side Multicorder Recorder and is a top level PC networked based Supervision & Agent Grading package. Call Reporter Pro 2 can also partner with any of the recording products to deliver high-end reporting & supervision features.


Installed on any PC on your network, Call Reporter Pro 2 is a complete suite of graphical reporting and agent grading features for any company serious about detailed employee evaluation.

Key features include:


  • Departmental grouping of calls
  • Reports on call activity
  • Sophisticated Agent Grading module
  • Staff and Department grading reports
  • Immediate Search Results
  • Multiple Book Marks Per Call
  • Speed Playback Control
  • Redaction (Erase a Portion of a Call)
  • Email Bookmarks, or Complete CAll with Password Protection
  • Creation of Queries for Repeated Searches
  • User Control by User Profile and Login
  • Call Reports, Graphs and Scoring
  • Access Log Security Tracking

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