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Looking to reduce your operational and capital costs through high-quality, flexible communications? Want technology that can increase the return on your investment and the mobility of even the smallest of workforces, including remote extensions for staff to work from home or a mobile softphone app to enable people to communicate on the go?


The smart hybrid IP PBX KX-NS700 from Panasonic delivers all of this – and much more. Designed specifically for small or medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, without needing a huge budget, the Panasonic KX-NS700 unified communications solution is a small system with the ability to manage big future growth.

KX-NS700 Unified Communications


  • Up to 102 trunk lines
  • Up to 210 with 3x KX-NS720
  • Up to 168 extensions
  • Up to 288 with 3x KX-NS720

Advanced rich features include:

  • PSTN, ISDN or SIP trunk lines
  • SLT, Digital, IP or SIP extensions
  • Proprietary digital system telephones
  • IP & SIP system telephones
  • Built-in Voicemail
  • Built-in Auto Attendant
  • Wireless solutions
  • Mobile Softphone App
  • IP Networking
  • Call centre solution
  • Communication Assistant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Automatic voice guidance
  • Call recording
  • Call history reports
  • Computer Telephone Integration
  • Expansion with add-on NS720 modules
Panasonic Desk Handsets, also available in white
Panasonic DECT Handsets & Mobile Softphone App
Panasonic KX-NS700 PBX
Panasonic KX-NS700 PBX
Panasonic Phone Systems
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Case Studies

For case studies of projects where we have supplied & installed a Panasonic KX-NS700 telephone system visit our blog posts


KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server

Features include:

  • IP and SIP Network Communications Server
  • Integrated unified messaging with up to 24 ports per unit
  • Direct support for 640 IP extensions
  • 1000 extensions with one-look networking
  • Up to 256 SIP trunks
  • Powerful applications support
  • Unified Messaging System of 2 Channels/ 2 hours
  • Reliable backup system to survive system failures
  • High-performance applications
  • Built-in Voicemail
  • Built-in Auto Attendant
  • Wireless solutions
  • Mobile phone integration
  • IP Networking
  • Call Centre solution
  • Communication Assistant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Automatic voice guidance
  • Call recording
  • Call history reports
  • Computer Telephone Integration
Panasonic KX-NS1000 PBX
KX-NS1000 & phone
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The KX-TEA308 and the KX-TES824 Advanced Hybrid PBX Systems


  • 3 lines
  • 8 extensions


  • Up to 8 lines
  • Up to 24 extensions

Features include:

  • Proprietary (system) telephones
  • Standard (SLT) telephones
  • DISA – Direct Inward System Access
  • Call forwarding
  • Fax detection
  • 5-party conference calls
  • Day/night/lunch mode
  • Calling activity reports
  • Call restriction
  • Electronic station lock
  • Room monitor
  • Easy programming
  • Easy maintenance

Optional features:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Music on hold
  • Door phone
  • Battery back-up
Panasonic KX-TEA308 PBX
Panasonic KX-TES824 PBX
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Hosted Telephony

If you are thinking of a hosted or cloud based telephone system then read our blog posts first

NEC SL2100 Telephone System


  • Up to 42 trunk lines
  • Up to 126 with 3x SL2100
  • Up to 54 extensions
  • Up to 130 with 3x SL2100

Advanced rich features include:

  • Designed from 4 ports upwards
  • ISDN BRI & PRI/Analogue/SIP trunks
  • Digital/Analogue/IP Extensions VoIP enabled
  • Voicemail
  • Music on hold
  • Mobility / Homeworking
  • Auto Attendant
  • Audio conferencing
  • Call recording
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NEC SL2100 video
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